Commonwealth Spotlight: Altoona

We sat down with a member of Altoona’s THON Team, Ethan, to find out a little more about this group.

1. How are you involved with THON?
I help fundraise and support dancers from our group.

2. How many people have you brought this weekend?

3. How many years have you been involved in THON?
This is my first year.

4. What is your favorite part of THON?
Dancing in the stands; everyone is having fun whether or not they’re on the floor.

5. Why did you get involved?
Friends initially pushed me to get involved, but I had a lot of fun canning, and even though I was pushed into coming this weekend, I’m really glad I did, and I’ll definitely be back next year.

6. How long have you been here this weekend?
All weekend-we haven’t got much sleep.

7. What song do you hope they play this weekend?
“I Like Big Butts.” That’s my jam.

8. How would you rate your dance skills?
Bar none, a perfect 10.

9. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen so far this weekend?
I thought when everyone formed a circle and that guys started break dancing, and then had a dance off with a kid, was pretty cool.

10. If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?
A T-Rex, because they can get down.

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Caitlin is from a small Pennsylvania town called Unionville, which is by West Chester, which is by Philadelphia. She is a sophomore in the Smeal College of Business and will probably major in accounting. Caitlin loves "How I Met Your Mother" and dougnuts.


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