Indie Spotlight: ASME

Nicole of ASME (which I want to say is American Society of Mechanical Engineers?) was good enough during the final hours of dancing to share some thoughts about THON with me.

1. Why did you become a dancer?

To help kids with cancer and I wanted to raise money, and I knew it’d be a great representation of our organization in the fight against cancer.

2. What’s your favorite part of THON?

When the moralers stretch us. It feels really nice, because they know what hurts.

3. What is your team doing to support you this weekend?

There’s someone on the floor every hour. Someone’s been on my pass almost every hour of the night and there’s a lot of people in the audience cheering us on and buying concessions and at the THON store, which all have proceeds toward THON.

4. What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen this weekend?

The kids singing covers to songs. It was awesome. Like Taylor Swift and Black Eyed Peas.

5. What’s your favorite song they’ve played this weekend?

The one that goes, “I like to move it move it.”

6. How did you first get involved?

Our org. was already canning and was involved long before I was around, and there was definitely a lot of peer influence.

7. How many years have you been involved in THON?


8. What’s your favorite part of the line dance?

The Jersey Shore part.

9. How would you rate your dancing skills?

I feel like an 11. Or an 8, depending on how delirious I am.

10. If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

The kind that dance at THON. A THON-a-dance-a-saurus.

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