More Administrators Come Out Against State Patty’s

Coming on the heels of Dean David Wormley’s letter to College of Engineering students and Dean Christian Brady’s blog post to Schreyer Scholars, Dr. Eric White, Executive Director of DUS, recently sent an email out to his young charges echoing their sentiments.

White basically said that students do many good things, like THON, but also some things that don’t make them look so good, State Patty’s being one of them.

Dear Division of Undergraduate Studies students:

Every year Penn State students show remarkable strength and commitment during THON, and I know many of you in DUS help by planning, fundraising, dancing, or supporting this extraordinary effort. We are proud of your generosity, and hope you realize what a powerful statement this kind of service makes about you.

I also know you make other important and sometimes difficult decisions at Penn State and–good or bad–these choices reflect your contributions to the University and community, too. For example, though they are only one week apart, THON and State Patty’s Day represent very different objectives and send conflicting messages about you as students and citizens of the Penn State/State College community. The first reflects your commitment and compassion, and the second is about the abuse of alcohol and risky behavior.

Remember that the choices you make in college help to create lifelong memories of your Penn State experience and also shape the type of adult, citizen, and friend you are. Please choose to be safe this weekend and in the future and encourage your friends to do the same. Show the world who you are.



Eric R. White, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Division of Undergraduate Studies &
Associate Dean for Advising
The Pennsylvania State University
102A Grange Building
University Park, PA 16802-6700

We’ve had three so far, so let’s see which college sends out a similar email tomorrow. My money is on IST.


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