Here We Go Again: Cinco de State

Update: I contacted the University for their opinion of this “holiday” and University Spokesperson, Annemarie Mountz, had this to say. “I find it unbelievable, and disturbing, that after the excesses, destruction, arrests, injuries and alcohol overdoses of State Patty’s Day, some students have decided to create another similar event. …I don’t understand how these students’ memories regarding the real dangers of alcohol abuse can be so short, or why they continue to put their own lives and in some cases the lives of others at risk.”

Less than a week after the debauchery of State Patty’s Day ended with some of the highest crime rates in years, students are looking to create another drinking-centric holiday. Luis Ramos (Sophomore – Civil Engineering) and Gustavo Caldeira (Junior – Finance) cited on the Facebook group that they created the fact that Cinco de Mayo falls during finals week as another reason to create a fake holiday and get drunk. They’re asking students to “get your sombreros, mustaches, ponchos and margaritas ready, should be a good day no matter where you drink.” As of writing, the group has over 1000 members (and was growing rapidly).

You all know my opinion of State Patty’s Day (if you don’t you can read it here) so it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I feel as though this is one of the stupider ideas I’ve heard. Frankly, I don’t see it taking off. Students already drink a decent amount during finals week (ie. Cinco de Mayo is in no way forgotten), coupled with the fact that April 17th (the proposed date for Cinco de State) completely removes the Cinco de Anything and should now be called Diecisiete de Abril, which makes absolutely no sense.

State Patty’s Day illustrated the disconnect between the students and the town, and the bar owners and fraternities recognized this and took action. Unfortunately this did little to stop torrents of people from visiting State College with the expressed purpose of getting drunk and trashing someone else’s town. Hopefully, people will realize that these psudo-holidays need to stop, lest our town suffer more as a result.

In the meantime, watch this appropriate Five Second Film.

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