Smart Gaming Room Revisited

In what seems like a very long time ago, we posted this regarding a proposed addendum to the Corner Pocket. I decided to follow this up with Mark Cannon (who very graciously took time out of this very busy week to reply to my questions) to clear up the questions regarding the future of the Corner Pocket.

According to Mark, the new proposed plan (titled Smart Gaming Commons) could very possibly replace the Corner Pocket. The plan does not have any UPUA support thus far, although they are looking into it. The original idea was conceived by the HUB Advisory Board (another organization of which Mark is a member), and they were looking into new ideas for utilizing the space taken up by the Corner Pocket.

The project could cost to up to $50,000, which would come from the facility fee, NOT the student activities fee. The facility fee will come from another board, the Facilities Fee Board (they could at least try to get creative with names!), which would need to approve of this spending. As of now, they have not made a decision. IF this space were to be created, then the HUB would plan to charge students $1-$3 per hour to use it (this cost will also not be added to the student activities fee). According to Mark, all efforts are being made to keep major renovations to a bare minimum in order to keep costs down.

The Smart Gaming Commons themselves could possibly include the following:

  • Gaming systems
  • Computers
  • Pool tables

Also according to Mark, the UPUA is to determine whether or not to back this project. The issue of the Smart Gaming Commons could be brought up at the upcoming Facilities Fee Board meeting, where the funding may be approved or disapproved.

Mark also mentioned in his email to me that he wanted to see if he could find ways to make sure that this service may be offered free to students, as he would like to make the HUB a more student-friendly environment. I agree with Mark on this point. There may be students who would be hesitant to pay to play game systems that they currently own, but if the UPUA could get around the fees for students, then the SGC could get a lot more use.

It must  be noted, though, that all this talk about the Smart Gaming Commons is TENTATIVE.

Would you use the Smart Gaming Commons, even if there was a $1-3/hour fee?

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