Get Him to the Greek: A Call to Arms

Get Him to the Greek” is the latest release (set for June 4th) by Nicholas Stoller (the same guy that directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Judd Apatow (the same guy that produced Knocked Up and Superbad). They are having a COMPETITION amongst all the Big 10 schools, and the winning school receives a FREE screening of the film and a chance to meet the cast!

You heard correctly. Jonah Hill and Russell Brand will come to Penn State if we win this competition! That being said, you can vote right here. At the time of publication, Penn State had 520 votes and was in fourth place, behind Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. Fortunately, we are not that far behind!

Also, if winning all that was not enough, here are some incentives to get you to click that mouse button:

  • Iowa beat us in football the last two years.
  • Michigan is ahead of us, and that should never happen
  • We do not want Ohio State to catch up to us…EVER
  • We need to win this to make up for the Weezer debacle

Now go out and vote! The contest ends April 5th, and the movie will be screened the week of April 18th.

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