Collegian Seeks New General Manager

Hamilton posing with the Collegian's current student leaders, Business Manager Holly Colbo and Editor-in-Chief Rossilynne Skena.

This summer, the Collegian’s general manager, Gerry Hamilton, made a power play by firing news advisor John Harvey for insubordination. The move didn’t last. Shortly after the Board of Directors reversed Hamilton’s decision, not for the huge outcry from Collegian alumni but because he didn’t provide evidence of Harvey’s insubordination, Hamilton announced that he would be resigning.

The Daily Collegian is now looking for a replacement for Hamilton, who held the position for 35 years. If you think you can match that level of experience in managing an esteemed media outlet, check out the Collegian’s application for the position.

I asked Mike Hofherr, the president of the Collegian’s Board of Directors, about the importance of this selection to the quality of the Daily Collegian. He thought it largely unimportant, noting that “the Collegian is an independent student run newspaper; the quality of the paper lies with the students. The student leadership is most responsible for the quality.”

As for the situation surrounding Hamilton’s exit, Hofherr would only say the following:

“Mr Hamilton’s strict financial management has enabled the Collegian to remain journalistically independent and his leadership and ability to make tough decisions in the face of adversity will continue to aide the Collegian long after his departure.”

Hamilton declined to comment on the situation.

Clearly, this job is important for the continued success and independence of the Daily Collegian, and the Board will have their hands full in deciding who is up to the undoubtedly difficult job. The decision will come sooner rather than later, as Hofherr said that the “ideal situation would be for the new GM to be in place by July 1, 2010.” Deliberations will likely occur concurrent with the selection process of the Collegian’s next editor-in-chief and business manager, which is already underway.

Unfortunately Onward State is unable to attend the meetings, as the Board of Directors, in its normal four-year review of by-laws, removed the clause mandating meetings be open to the public. The interim general manager’s explanation from this marked shift from transparency was that because the Collegian is “neither a public corporation nor a government agency” it felt no need to maintain open access.


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