Meet the Candidates: College Representatives

On Wednesday the student body will vote in members for the fifth assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association. Today we will be publishing guides about each of the positions and the candidates running for them.

All candidates listed in the Penn State Directory were contacted and asked for the same information. Candidates had the choice of answering one of two questions for the short-answer section. The first was ‘Do you believe that UPUA has headed in the right direction during President Keirans’ term?’ and the second was ‘Please explain an idea or policy you have for improving UPUA.’

Agricultural Science

One position, one candidate.
Courtney Lennartz


One position, one candidate.
Daniel Hemmert


One position, one candidate.
Charles Ferrer
Freshman, Geography

Expanding Wifi on campus is one my priorities for UPUA this coming year. As we forge ahead into the age of cyber-technology and advancement, shouldn’t a world-class institution such as Penn State have instant accessibility to the internet? All students will benefit from this initiative and I will proudly support that accomplishes this goal.


One position, two candidates.
Blake Bonnewell
Zakaria Al Balushi


One position, zero candidates.


One position, one candidate.
Wil Santivasi

Arts and Architecture

One position, two candidates.
Christen Buckley (Endorses Ragland-Smith)
Sophomore, Theater and International Politics

Though UPUA is young, I believe UPUA has performed admirably under President Keiran’s leadership. The Keirans term fostered positive relationships with the administration and provided students with various successes: the recently implemented Legal Services, the extended bus hours and the continued creation of the Medical Amnesty Policy.

Jarret Smith


One position, one candidate.
Leslie Pinero


One position, zero candidates.


One position, one candidate.
Leanna Usnik

Liberal Arts

One position, one candidate.
John Zang (Endorses Ragland-Smith)
Freshman, Economics and Political Science | Facebook Event

Overall, Gavin served well as president, supervising several important projects for the students. The UPUA is gaining more influence as it further develops a niche in the University and Gavin is facilitated that expansion. As any president, he was not without his flaws, but he served well at his post.


One position, one candidate.
Tonia Damiano


One position, one candidate.
Ashley Francis


One position, two candidates.
Kelly Galvin
Ryan Thomas
Freshman, Psychology | Facebook Group

I would like to see UPUA continue to work on the Penn State Book Exchange. As a member of the committee that is working on the marketing for this initiative, I see the value in a site that allows students to save money on textbooks.

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