Day: April 9, 2010

Panel Discusses Excessive Drinking, Possible Solutions

State College District Judge Carmine Prestia said last night he is initiating lobbying efforts in the Pennsylvania Judicial System to increase the minimum fine for an alcohol related summary offense from $300 to $1000.

"I have seen enough significant behavior in terms of alcohol abuse, multiple offenders and repeat offenders," said Prestia during a panel discussion on the excessive drinking of Penn State students. "The fines aren't high enough," he said.

In just the first quarter of 2010, the State College police department has made 111 drunk driving arrests, an increase from last year. Sixty percent of all crimes officers respond to are alcohol related, said King.

Brought together by the College of Communications, panel members discussed the increasing problem of excessive drinking and dangerous behavior that Penn State students engage in.

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Fraternity Ordinances Move to Public Hearing

On Monday night, the State College Borough Council voted 4-2 to send 3 ordinances, revolving around Penn State Fraternities, to public hearing on May 3rd. The three ordinances are:

1. The definition of a fraternity
2. Banning rooming houses
3. Temporary use provision (TUP), which allows fraternities that have been disbanded to repopulate their house as a rooming house for two years while the fraternity regroups

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Homecoming Honorary Grand Marshal Named

The 2010 Homecoming Executive Committee announced yesterday that Intercollegiate Athletics Director of Marketing for the Olympic Sports Jeff Fisher has been named the 2010 Homecoming Honorary Grand Marshal. The Honorary Grand Marshall title is given to a Penn State community member who contributes to the community but is not generally recognized for their work. The committee will choose a Grand Marshal at a later date. Past Grand Marshals have included Valarie Plame, Franco Harris, and Horace Ashenfelter.

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