Committed to Change, Ready to Act

“Committed to change, ready to act” is the slogan that Mohamed Raouda and Peter Khoury are running on for the post of Commonwealth Campus Student Government presidency. The Raouda-Khoury ticket seeks to provide an improved student experience outside the classroom and to advocate and represent the students of the commonwealth. Both candidates come from a wealth of experience in student government and have worked very closely with past President George Khoury and current President Nick Borsuk. They hope to bring this experience to ensure the onward progress of CCSG.

Sounds like you have heard it all before? Take a look at some of their initiatives:

  • Visit every campus by November 2010 to understand the concerns of all students in the commonwealth and how best to advocate for them.
  • Improve and simplify availability of critical academic information available to students, thus ensuring that students can make proper progress to complete their major.
  • Get the Academic Affairs Committee to create a designated web space on the CCSG website, containing links and information on opportunities related to the major, the college and campus. This site will be written based on the experience of students.
  • Simplify eLion and the schedule of courses. They are hoping to get a Penn State version of course sniper in the short run, but are looking for a complete overhaul of eLion in the long run. The improved eLion would resemble this system, currently in place for Brigham Young University.
  • Advocate and lobby on behalf of the Commonwealth students to get increased state appropriations for the University.
  • Help Commonwealth campuses expand or create Greek life.

Until today, the Raouda-Khoury ticket was running unopposed. Martin James Worsham and Nicholas Coleman announced their candidacy earlier today. We shall see how these new candidates fare during the CCSG debate today at 3:20pm, followed by the election at 4:30, both of which are in Heritage Hall.


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