CCSG Elects New President

Yesterday Mohamed Raouda and Martin J Worsham debated it out at the last council meeting of the semester, regarding who deserves the right to lead the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments for the next academic year. After a very intense debate, the council opted to elect the Mohamed Raouda-Peter Khoury ticket to serve as President and Vice President for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Both presidential candidates took a very different approach to answering certain questions, highlighting the key differences between their platform. For example, when asked a question about what they felt were the major issues faced by Commonwealth students, Raouda replied that transitioning from a commonwealth to University Park was the most difficult part. He wants to work on creating a LISTSERV to help explain all that is available to do here at UP and get commonwealth students to remain involved. Worsham replied that student living would be a very difficult transition for students to make. He wanted to host a housing fair for commonwealth students to ease the process of finding housing.

Another interesting question requested the candidates to describe three good things about their opponent. Raouda replied that Worsham brings with him commitment, intelligence, and a great level of understanding. Worsham replied that Raouda possesses great passion, diligence, and a hard working nature which would allow him to excel at his job.

And excel at his job is exactly what President-elect Raouda hopes to do. Raouda had this to say about his opportunity to serve as CCSG President: “It’s an honor and privilege to serve the commonwealth. It’s a feeling you can not describe. I look forward for a very successful year.”

Peter Khoury had this to say regarding the victory: “[I am] very excited at the opportunity to serve as vice president and look forward to working with council and the student leaders of the commonwealth in ensuring that their voice is represented at University Park in all capacities.”

Congratulations to the Raouda-Khoury ticket on their victory. I wish them luck for their upcoming term.

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