Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Vandalized

The former Phi Delta Theta house was intensely vandalized during graduation weekend and the damage was discovered Monday morning. The house was to be formally turned over to PSU this Friday after its $1.75 million purchase in March from the the organization’s alumni corporation.

The CDT reported that the house had several broken windows, light fixtures  ripped from the ceiling, holes in the walls, garbage strewn inside and out, and graffiti including boobies and a message that read “Graham Spanier kills little kittens.” Food was left rotting and the recently-made decrepit, century old house was said to smell like urine, old food, and alcohol.

Some of the house’s recently-ousted residents were asked to comment but said they were too busy moving out. According to, one observer said that the damage was indeed done by residents and that it seemed very deliberate.

This vindictive vandalism comes as no great surprise given the long, petty legal history with the University. After the international Phi Delta Theta organization suspended the fraternity in 2007 due to alcohol violations, the residents continued to host parties, and eventually expelled the chapter in 2008. Because the frat had no national recognition Penn State officials said they could not recognize them either. Citing the original agreement between PSU and Phi Delta Theta, the university proved that it could purchase the property back if the frat were to collapse.

While the Tau Delta Phi renting the building may have been indignant of Penn State’s purchase, the damages won’t do much to affect the university, as the alumni corporation still owns the lot

[Photo: Christopher Weddle for the CDT]

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