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Is your pocket suddenly heavier from extra cash you don’t use to buy records from City Lights Records? Do you find yourself shaking because you can no longer purchase vinyls? Do you miss talking to Greg Gabbard about new music? Fear not music aficionado, for The Music Underground and The Kill Screen Kafe will soon be occupying that same location.

According to their Facebook group:

Soon to be occupying the space formerly held by City Lights Records (316 E. College Ave), The Music Underground will offer records, turntables, refurbished stereo components, music equipment rentals and repair services. Starting this summer, you’ll find a diverse and affordable selection of new and used vinyl LPs, CDs, cassettes and music memorabilia at the same great location you’ve been shopping at for years.

Thats great! We don’t even have to be worried about finding a new location to shop at! However, they have made a few adjustments to the store idea since City Lights Records. They offer music equipment rentals (budding musicians take note) and refurbished stereo components (audiophiles take note). The Kill Screen Kafe (entrance on Calder Way) additionally will offer snacks, smoothies and old school arcade games.

After getting in touch with The Music Underground, I found out that they are slated for an opening in the fall 2010 semester. They are however working out of Chronic Town currently, so if you want a sneak peek at what they have to offer stop over! Alternatively if you have any requests for music equipment rental, repairs or place an order for a record you can email them at [email protected].

This all sounds great so far. I, for one am very exciting that an independent music store is returning to Penn State. It gives students a place to meet like minded individuals. Hopefully The Music Underground becomes a hotbed for student artists and musicians. I for one am looking forward to its opening!


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