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Day: June 9, 2010

Open Late: Public Bathrooms Downtown

You know the nights you're downtown and you have really got to go, but it's too late that you can't make a b-line to the bathroom in Chili's, what are you to do? Hold it in? Risk a semester of teasing and go in your pants? Find a nice dark place behind a parked car or healthy foliage? It's a tough decision to have to make, but fret no more! The Borough Council of State College has decided to open up public bathrooms 24/7 downtown.

Read through to find out where the new bathrooms will be located...

University to Re-File Right-To-Know Report

Last week we reported on the possibility that Penn State had misfiled its Right-To-Know report, a document required by the Commonwealth. The main issue at hand has to do with a section of the report that asks if any family member of a trustee or board member received over $10,000 in compensation from the University. Penn State answered "yes" but failed to acknowledge who might fall into that category.

After getting an earful from Left of Centre, the University has announced that it will be refiling the report to include the names of those omitted.

Read on to learn more...

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