Open Late: Public Bathrooms Downtown

You know the nights you’re downtown and you have really got to go, but it’s too late that you can’t make a b-line to the bathroom in Chili’s, what are you to do? Hold it in? Risk a semester of teasing and go in your pants? Find a nice dark place behind a parked car or healthy foliage?  It’s a tough decision to have to make, but fret no more!  As we mentioned on Monday, the Borough Council of State College has decided to open up public bathrooms 24/7 in three parking garages downtown.

After at least 15 years of being closed at night, bathrooms in the Fraser, Pugh, and Beaver Avenue parking garages will once again be opening their doors. In addition, the town plans to place portable toilets at the McCallister Street parking deck.

Public Works Director for the Borough of State College, Mark Whitfield explains: “Most recently, the issue has resurfaced due to the ordinance increasing fines for public urination, and Borough Council’s desire of having more restrooms accessible to the public during late nite.” The increasing fine Whitfield describes, is a hefty maximum of $600 and minimum sum of $300.

So next time you think that the bushes next to Canyon need some gardening, you might want to take it around the corner and avoid risking the fine.


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