Big Ten Likely Set After Big XII Survival

Bevo decided that Washington and Pennsylvania in November were too cold for him.

Texas saved college football from further major expansion on Monday as it announced it was staying with the Big 12 after the conference came up with a new TV deal. The Longhorns dispelled Pac-10 and even some Big Ten rumors and became the de facto emperors of the now 10-team conference by securing $20-25 million dollars a year in TV revenues (with help coming from the school’s own network). Oklahoma and Texas A&M will make around that number, with the other seven teams making a “measly” $14-17 million a year in the uneven revenue sharing system.

So what does this mean for the rest of the country? The Big 12 now has 10 teams and is left without the opportunity of a conference championship game. There is a chance they go after a Houston, Rice, or SMU, but I think they’re looking to play it safe for at least a bit after the near-collapse of their conference.

The Pac-10 sits at 11 schools and are thoroughly disappointed in not being able to snag the Big 12 South teams to create a super-conference. Look for them to go after the likes of Utah so they can get a conference championship game and a conference television network. If Utah leaves the newly legitimate Mountain West, which added Boise State only last week, there may a shakeup among the smaller conferences.

But what about us? It likely means that the Big Ten now stays pat with 12 teams. No Rutgers, no Syracuse and definitely no Notre Dame. Nebraska extends the reach of the Big Ten Network (geographically, at least) and provides excitement to the football and women’s volleyball aspects of the conference. Watch for a future post about our newest conference rival!


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