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Day: June 30, 2010

PSU Scientists Determine Why We Tan

Now that summer's kicked into high gear, your skin is probably darker than normal, maybe even just an incidental tan. Hopefully it's less than certain Mid-Atlantic youth of Italian extraction. Regardless, researchers at Penn State have actually come up with a new theory as to why our skin tans in the first place.

Read on to see what they found...

Magazine Features Bird’s Eye View of Campus

This past April, Penn Stater magazine editor Tina Hay rented a helicopter from Cherokee Helicopter in Ford City, Penn. She brought Penn State Live photographer Andy Colwell along with her in a flight above Penn State’s University Park campus. Rather than pursue my dream of performing helicopter wheelies, she chose a more practical mission of capturing beautiful aerial shots of the campus for alumni to enjoy.

Read on to see more of their shots...

Spanier Gives Thoughts on Recent NCAA Infractions

It seems like every time we turn on SportsCenter, they're reporting about another school committing some sort of NCAA violation. Several major college athletics programs have been hit with sanctions by the NCAA, but over the years Penn State athletics has stay free of scandal involving violations of NCAA policies. One of the big reasons for that is Penn State President Graham Spanier's commitment to running a clean athletic department. In an interview with, he discussed how he goes about keeping Penn State athletics an example for other schools in how their departments should be run.

Read on to find out how he does it...

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