4thFest Fireworks Display Set to Dazzle

With so many dazzling sparks, fireballs, and explosions that it was impossible to focus on just any one. With cracks and booms so deafening that it was impossible to do anything else but just look upwards in awe.

That’s how 4thFest ended last year, enough to earn the attention of the Travel Channel, who noted that State College produced “one of the best fireworks displays in the world.” Of course, the main lure back to PSU during summer is Arts Fest – and not without reason. But, students planning their summer pilgrimage should try their hardest to start their visit on the 4th of July. Or decide to come down twice.

4thFest has been running since 1927 and the accumulated experience really shows. Anyone who has ever tried to put on their own impromptu pyrotechnics display knows that fireworks are expensive really expensive.  In fact, the organizers approximate the cost of the entire show at over $200,000. Central PA 4thFest – the official name – is actually a non-profit corporation, which means that the event is really for the entertainment of the local area. And the economic boon that a huge fireworks show  brings local businesses and corporate sponsors.  Combine that with the fact that the operation is comprised entirely of a volunteer board and staff, and it really adds to the impressiveness of the entire event.

Of course, the greatest part of any 4th of July celebration is getting together with friends and family for some good old-fashioned American fun. The best part about it in State College, is the accompanying not-so-old-fashioned freaking awesome fireworks. See you there.

Check out the 4thFest website for all of the shenanigans that will be occurring over the course of this year’s 4th of July.

[Photo Illustration by Flickr user trilobian]

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