Former Phi Delta Theta House Demolition Begins

The demolition process began on the former Phi Delta Theta house, which was recently bought by the University, earlier this week. The area around the property was permanently closed on Tuesday in order to make way for the flattening of the dilapidated house.

Demolition will continue over the next several months, maybe more. According to University spokesperson Annemarie Mountz, “A number of things need to fall into place, including a check for hazardous materials within the structure, bids for demolition, erosion and sedimentation controls, seeding and landscape planning, and sidewalk replacement or repair…. The building is in a significant state of disrepair, and repairing or renovating it would cost millions of dollars.”

The Greek Community has seemed less than thrilled with the University’s purchase of the property-former Greek tenants have been suspected of vandalizing the house before the final turn over-but they seem to have finally accepted it. President of the Interfraternity Council, Max Wendkos, said of the matter, “Of course we would love to be able to keep the former Phi Delta Theta property as an asset for the Greek community, but unfortunately we were not presented with that option.”


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