Day: August 28, 2010

Penn State Vedic Society Hosts ‘Yoga of Sound Vibrations’

A diverse group of PSU students and State College residents sat cross-legged in Hertiage Hall Thursday evening, chanting and singing at "Yoga of Sound Vibrations," a kirtan hosted by the Penn State Vedic Society.

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45,000 Students…No Performance Space?

The meek shall inherit the...nothing? That's wha it's seemed like lately at Penn State, if you take out "meek" and replace it with "performing arts groups". For all the dozens of performing arts groups at Penn State, our fine, state-sponsored University has not a single performing arts space for student organizations. Groups like No Refund Theater, Full Ammo Improv, The Thespians, and countless a capella groups who desire a location to perform have been left recently having to scavenge for large lecture halls. An existent problem for many years, the limited number of performance space has come to the breaking point.

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PSU Team To Develop Greener Building Technology

Penn State is leading a team of researchers at the Energy Innovation Hub at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Clean Energy campus to provide greener, more efficient building technology. The Department of Energy has pledged to fund the project with up to $122 million over the next five years.

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Free Food and Movie at the All-Sports Museum

For those interested in free food and a free movie, head over to the Penn State All-Sports Museum today from 6-9 p.m.

The first 60 students who show up with a valid Penn State ID will get free soda and pizza in the lobby.

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Help Seniors Give Back to Their Alma Mater

Calling all students, community members and kids on a rope: this is your time to shine! The 2011 Senior Class Gift committee is currently accepting proposals for this year's gift until September 17th at 5 p.m.

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Improved Alcohol Policies, Improved Penn State

By now, we've all heard about Penn State’s recent decent drop down the party-school ladder (which is something to bep proud of), but what you may not know is how the fall came to be. While it’s definitely a mixture of things, the administration’s introduction of new policies is definitely a large component.

We’ve already experienced the introduction of frat bouncers and heightened security on the infamous State Patty’s Day, and now we can expect to see even more deterrents to the crass drinking culture here.