IFC President Calls Emergency THON Meeting

Max Wendkos, president of the Interfraternity Council, sent out an email Saturday urging all leaders of Penn State student organizations to attend an emergency meeting at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house regarding the recent changes made to the THON rulebook.

I believe this to be an issue that deserves our attention. If we have members that volunteer for THON through our respective organizations, we, as presidents, are responsible for facilitating the investment of their time, energy, and support by ensuring that THON’s highest leaders are making decisions that are healthy for the philanthropy’s success.

In his email, Wendkos mentions that he had invited members from the THON Overall Committee, including Chairperson Kirsten Kelly, to explain the different perspectives. He also mentions that he would like to use the meeting as an opportunity for free debate among the different student stakeholders in THON.

The controversy arose when last week it was announced that a series of changes would be made to the 2011 THON Rulebook that would reduce the presence of competition. The changes included eliminating “Spirit Points” that are awarded to student organizations for participating in fundraising events, limiting the announcement of individual organization totals to the top five throughout the Commonwealth, and changing the criteria for organizations wishing to participate.

Many of the student organizations that participate in the annual charity fundraiser have taken issue with the changes this year and feel it will yield a lesser grand total. Others argue that too much focus on competition muddles the fundraisers’ altruistic motivation.

The meeting has been scheduled for tonight at 10 p.m. at 229 Locust Lane.

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