Hanson Bops Their Way Through the HUB

With a bigger turnout of girls than a feminist rally, Hanson sure had a lot of teeny-bopper fantasies to finally fill with “mmms” and “bops.” The show held in the HUB was definitely a late-night show with the doors opening at 10:30.

“The show sold out in two days,” Matt McKnight, senior and member of the Student Programming Association (SPA), said. “It probably would have sold out the first day if the tickets would have gone on sale during the day, instead of at night.”

Nonetheless, 1100 tickets were given out in these two days and the turnout proved successful with an estimated capacity of 75%. And for every guy who saw the posters or heard Hanson was coming and retorted with some homophobic statement, be sure to realize this: 74 percent out of the 75 percent filled, was beautiful, dancing ladies. If you didn’t follow the math to that, it’s okay, this article isn’t for you.

Opening with the first song on their new album, “Waiting for This,” Hanson wooed the crowd with their styled hair and tight clothes. With chants of “shout it out,” by the end of the first song, the crowd was in love.

“If you wanna stand still, you’re at the wrong show,” lead singer Taylor Hanson said, right before he whipped out a harmonica and blew the audience away with a solo. The show was full of surprises as Taylor took a video on his iPhone of the crowd singing back to him during “If Only.”

The show was surprisingly good, filling the room with so much nostalgia that it was hard to breathe.  Hanson finished the 75 minute set with, of course, “Mmmbop,” solidifying the crowds love for the three original brothers in a band together, not some JoeBro nonsense.  The encore started with “Give a Little” from their newest album “Shout it Out” and then finished the show with “Lost Without You,” from their 2004 album “Underneath.”

Overall, the show proved better than mediocre.  It was a well-planned event because of the SPA, a well-done show thanks to Hanson and a fun night because of the crowd.  Next time you stick your nose up at a concert here on campus, think back to the good old days of “Mmmbop” and remember, it’s free and it’s fun.

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