Penn State 2010 Party Playlist

Party season at Penn State has just begun, and as long as we haven’t gotten sick of hearing them, these songs will still be good as well. While every song that was played this summer is not on this playlist, the list does include a ton of your favorite hits heard at parties, bars, and clubs. These songs are included with their respective YouTube links to maximize party-a-bility (click on the song titles).

Warning: Some of these may already be way past their 15 minutes.

Summer 2010 Party Playlist (listed in Song – Artist format):

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I was born in Virginia Beach, raised in Westfield, NJ, went to college at Penn State, moved to Miami, FL. Peruvian on mom's side and English on my Dad's. I'm a Journalism major and Political Science minor. I do not currently own any reptiles.


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