Kris Allen Performs at State Theatre

Kris Allen, former American Idol, performing at the State Theatre

Opening with the upbeat tune of “Can’t Stay Away,” Kris Allen catered to a diverse audience in the State Theatre Thursday night.

State College was the last stop of Allen’s tour. During the concert, he remarked, “This is kind of a special night for us.”

Allen made his way into the crowd while singing “Written All Over My Face.” The crowd enjoyed the energy as they high-fived and hugged him during his trip around the venue.

The night also included its fair share of covers, including Kanye West’s “Heartless,” Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” The songs were well-received and the audience sang along.

Allen had a way of connecting to everyone and did much more than just stand up on stage and sing some songs. He truly entertained the crowd during his hour-long set with melodic influences of rock, jazz and hip-hop.

Allen, who gained fame through the popular television show “American Idol”, told fans that the show was one of his first opportunities to play for an audience. Allen said that it was his friend’s idea, not his, to try out for the show that brought him national success. Throughout the concert, Allen proved that since “American Idol”, he has developed a more mature image.

Overall, the concert was upbeat and well-rounded, satisfying both the old and young audience members. Allen’s show demonstrated that all “American Idol” winners aren’t simply manufactured pop stars and that it takes more than just a good song on the radio to be a true rock star.

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