5 Songs for the Weekend-Crunk Edition

So you’re working on a kick-ass playlist for the weekend, just in time to watch the Alabama game, and you want something recent, but not overplayed, to put on the speakers leading up to the game. Basically, you need something to play after that power hour, right?

So here will be a collection of songs each week, either new, relatively new, or even just trending that week, for those missing music times. And yes, we know the weekend starts on Thursday.

1. Kanye West-Monster
Kanye started this thing called “Good Friday,” giving out a new song every Friday until his album drops. So a toast to Mr. West: This song is full of surprises, including Hova, Rick Ross, Nikki Minaj and you’ll never guess… indie rock’s Bon Iver.

2. Kid Cudi-Mr. Rager
Cudi’s new album is getting closer and, as it nears, the tracks begin to leak. This isn’t the first, but most definitely the best, to come off the album so far. Not to mention it features and was produced by Kanye.

3. Lil’ Wayne-Right Above It
This song may already be overplayed in some cars, but there is one thing that holds true. Wayne is King, even if he is sitting in a cell at Rikers. This song, featuring Drake, shows that sometime music can’t be stopped, even by imprisonment. For an even deeper look at this, find Wayne’s “Rikers Island Remix” of “Light Up” by Drake.

4. Cee Lo Green-F*&k You
Just from the title, it sounds like some angry rap song, but is actually the opposite. This upbeat, funk-rap song from Gnarls Barkley artist Cee Lo, shows his talent both lyrically and musically.

5. Rihanna-Only Girl
Released Tuesday, this song is bound to spike the charts with its party beats and smooth groove. The song is able to hold up a slower beat in parts, making it perfect for dancing as well as keeping the party going. And let’s be honest, Rihanna is the only girl in the world that can rock a night like she does.

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