Fresh Fest Provides Students with Food and Flyers

Freshmen feed their faces while Christian Ragland feeds their brains with info on UPUA

The scene at the East Halls quad on Wednesday, September 8th, looked more like a party than an event for UPUA.

Students swarmed around picnic tables covered in blue and white tablecloths. Dance music blasted through speakers. The smell of hot, cheesy pizza wafted through the air.

Of course, this was the idea. UPUA was not blind to the fact that free food and music would attract students, and that was their goal. Through the event, deemed Fresh Fest, UPUA hoped to reach out to freshmen as a way to get their name out to the incoming class.

Vice Chairman of Programming, Sean Goheen, explained the importance of reaching out to freshmen to let them know that student government is a presence on campus.

“We are focusing on freshmen outreach so that students can get the most out of their four years,” he said.

In addition to the buffet of Penn State culinary staples, including Creamery ice cream, Insomnia cookies and College Pizza, students were given flyers, applications for UPUA and copies of Penn State Student Handbooks.

Director of Freshmen Outreach Rebecca Alt said she knew the food would draw students in. “But when they got their spoons, they were also handed two flyers,” she said. “We are literally putting the information in their hands.”

Alt mentioned that the current focus of UPUA is recognition rather than recruitment. She said they started in the summer by utilizing Stall Stories, but Fresh Fest was their first big event of the fall semester, and they plan on making it an annual event.

The event provided students with a chance to put a face to student government and gave them the opportunity to speak to various UPUA leaders, including President Christian Ragland.

Freshmen Luke Waddington and Colin Bonhat admitted that they came for the free food, but felt they learned something about UPUA, as well.

Guess the way to college students’ hearts really is through their stomachs.

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