5 Songs for the Weekend: Round 2

Matt and Kim playing at the Last Stop Music Festival last semester

Last week we shared five songs that were perfect for that crunk Alabama mix, but apparently it wasn’t bumpin’ enough to woo our team to victory. So this week we’ll change it up a bit, with some hip-hop as well as alternative. Here’s a toast (to the douchebags)!

1. Kanye West-Runaway
Those that saw the MTV VMAs and made it through the terrible comedy of Chelsea Handler got to see Mr. West perform his toast of sorts to the people that dissed him. This song gives a big f-you to the media and is sure to be a hit.

2. Matt and Kim-Cameras
The newest single from the pop duo has a catchy beat that gets you singing along. “Cameras” is from Matt and Kim’s newest album and is perfect for a smoke session after the game.

3. Weezer-Memories
This is the first single from their untitled “Hurley” album. The video for this song features some new stunts from the Jackass crew in promotion of their newest film, “Jackass 3-D.” The song is a great autumn jam.

4. Chris Brown-Yeah 3x
Prior to beating Rihanna, Chris Brown was famous for actual musical talent. This song truly showcases that talent. It’s catchy, good to dance to and fast-paced.

5. Chromeo-Night By Night
This song has the perfect lyrics and beat for partying after the game or even while pregaming with friends. The song has a funky feel, combining both dance and pop to create a great sound for the weekend.

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