College Republicans To Hold Rally Near Biden

You’ve probably heard that Vice President Joe Biden is speaking on campus today, but what you may not know is the College Republicans are holding a little rally of their own today in front of the HUB. They will be there most of the day registering new members, handing out information on Republican candidates, and talking to passers-by.

The group says they are in no way protesting the White House’s resident potty mouth being here, actually saying that it’s “an honor” to have the Vice President come to campus.

The College Republicans’ main goal today is to further the cause of Operation Red November–the republican campaign to perform an ol’ switch-a-roo in Congress. With Joe Biden coming to endorse his fellow Democratic candidates, the group felt it was only fair to give students both sides of the stories and explain the other opinions and platforms of the local Republican candidates. Fox News will even be stopping by to profile what the PSU College Republicans are doing for the Operation Red November campaign.

No word yet on if they’ll be collaborating with the Young Americans for Freedom “Rally for Jobs“. Guess you’ll just have to go to the HUB starting around noon to find out!

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