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Park Forest Apartments

If you haven’t noticed, it’s rental week, the time of the year when students line up to get a rental contract for next year. We’ve done a little scoping for you, to make your decision a little easier. Good luck, mis amigos.

Company: Nevins Real Estate Management

Rental Office: 214 S. Allen St., State College, PA

Phone:(814) 238-3153
Reviews: Mediocre reviews; the apartments themselves were fine, but residents experienced a lot of unfair maintenance costs
Properties: 2011-2012 waiting list opens Monday Oct. 18
• Aurum Building-132 S. Allen St.
• Cedar lofts- 121 W. Fairmount Ave.
• Cedar Lofts East- 27 Keller St. & 711 E. Beaver Ave.
• East Forester Townhomes- 228-232 E. Foster Ave.
• Fairview Apartments- 225-235 S. Buckhout St.
• The Lofts-728 Bellaire Ave.
• Towneview Apartments-200 Bradley Ave.
• Waupelani Lofts-219 Waupelani Dr.
• West Beaver Complex-512-516 W. Beaver Ave.

Company: Executive House Apartments
Rental Office: 411 Waupelani Dr. # 1, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 238-7211 ‎
Reviews: One of the more positively reviewed apartment realty groups; Executive House Apartments was called “a great value” by previous residents who also said they were very satisfied with their experience
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• Executive house apartments-411 Waupelani Dr.
• Park Lane Apartments-219-229 S. Sparks St.

Company: Park Forest Apartments
Rental Office: 901 W. Aaron Dr. # E, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 238 – 1443
Reviews: Generally negative reviews with a few good ones
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• Farmstead Lane Townhomes- 303 Farmstead Lane-currently listed
• Park Forest Apartments-901 West Aaron Dr.-currently listed

Company: GN Realty
Rental Office: 119 S. Burrowes St.
Phone: (814)-238-1878
Reviews: Generally positive- GN Realty features 24-hour maintenance and fosters relationships with their tenants
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012; open house this Saturday Oct. 2
• Burrowes Corner-119 S. Burrowes St.
• Park Place-224 S. Burrowes St.
• Town Square-255 S. Atherton St.
• The Lion-245 S. Atherton St.
• The Graduate-138 S. Atherton St.
• The GN centre- 142 S. Allen St.
• East Side- 735 E. Foster Ave.

Company: Continental Real Estate Management
Rental Office: 300 S. Allen St.
Phone: (814) 238-1598
Reviews: The reviews for Continental Real Estate Management were almost entirely negative with complaints ranging from not returning security deposits to charging bogus fees
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• College Park-415 W. College Ave.
• Allen Park-1013 S. Allen St.
• Lenwood Place-917 S. Allen St.
• Mt. Nittany-1006 S. Pugh St.
• Ambassador Building-421 E. Beaver Ave.
• Armenara Plaza-131 Sowers Street
• Barcroft Condominiums-522 E.College Ave.
• Beaver Plaza-222 W. Beaver Ave.
• Beaver Terrace-456 E. Beaver Ave.
• Hetzel Plaza-500 E. College Ave.
• OBrien Place-S. Pugh Street
• Penn Towers-255 E. Beaver Ave.
• University Gateway-616 E. College Ave.
• University Towers-458 E. College Ave.

Company: Copper Beach
Rental Office: 436 E College Ave, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 861-5152
Reviews: Mixed reviews; usually the only complaint was not receiving the security deposit back
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• Northbrook Greens- off N. Atherton St.
• Oakwood- off Oakwood Ave.
• West Aaron Drive- on W. Aaron Dr.
• Oak Hill- off Valley Vista Rd.

Company: Falk Realty
Rental Office: 320 S. Corl St., Apt 2, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 238-8788 ‎
Reviews: Mixed reviews; complaints were usually against management more than the actual apartments
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• Hampshire Apartments – 626 S. Pugh St.
• Parkview Apartments – 127 E. Hamilton Ave.
• Riviera Apartments – 1229-1231 S. Allen St.
• Twin Towers – 1218 S. Allen St.
• Falport 1215 – 1215 S. Allen St.
• Falport 407/419/421 – 407/419/421 S. Corl St.
• Villa Court Apartments – 255/307/321 S. Corl St.
• CSJV Townhouses – 302-320 S. Corl St.
• CSJV – 406-420 S. Corl St.

Company: Apartment Store
Rental Office: 444 E College Ave # 210, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 234-6860
Review: Mixed reviews; primarily complaints about management and not getting security deposit back
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
• Americana House-119 Locust Ln.
• Armenara Building-131 Sowers St.
• Burrowes Street-331-337 S. Burrowes St.
• Carlton-325 S. Garner St.
• College Avenue-536 W. College Ave.
• Collegiate Arms Apartments-218 S. Sparks St.
• The Colony-532 E. College Ave.
• Dorchester House-600 W. College Ave.
• Fairmount Hills-215 W. Fairmount Ave.
• Foster Arms-134 E. Foster Ave.
• Graham Building-126 S. Allen St.
• Laurel Terrace-315-327 E. Beaver Ave.
• Lexington House-518 University Dr.
• Locust Lane-301-307 Locust Ln.
• Nicholas Tower-301 S. Pugh St.
• Nittany Garden Apartments – Undergraduate Building-445 Waupelani Dr.
• Nittany View Apartments-804-810 S. Allen St.
• Old Boalsburg Road Townhouses-E. McCormick & Old Boalsburg Rd.
• The Palmerton-316 W. Beaver Ave.
• Park Hill Apartments-478 E. Beaver Ave.
• Penn State Apartments-Foster Ave. & Gill St.
• Sutton Court-650-674 E. Prospect Ave.
• University Terrace Apartments-818-925 Bellaire Ave.

Company: Atlas Realty Management Company Inc
Rental Office: 315 S. Allen St. # 123, State College, PA
Phone: (814) 238-0741 ‎
Reviews: One of the few positively reviewed agencies, Atlas was said to be friendly, helpful and efficient; also, they actually return security deposits
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
Marion Place –135 E. Nittany Ave.
Allenway -315 S. Allen St.

Company: McKinney Properties
Rental Office: Within respective apartment complexes
Phone: Meridian- (814)-231-9000; Calder Commons- 814-238-3456
Reviews: Mostly negative; the main concern was that the complexes were overpriced
Properties: Currently accepting applications for 2011-2012
Meridian-646 E. College Ave.
Calder Commons-520 E. Calder Way

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