Koji to Play House Show

Whoever said house shows are dead is wrong when it comes to this week’s performance of Koji, a songwriter/activist who is coming to play an underground show with some local artists. This will be happening tomorrow at 221 E Park Ave at 8 p.m.

The show is put together with student members from the Song Writers Club and Asylum, two student-run music appreciation clubs on campus. There will be a $3-5 donation at the door, so expect to throw a five spot for this show full of Pennsylvania musicians.

For those unfamiliar with the music, here’s the lineup:

Pat Gallagher– an acoustic rock/pop musician from the State College area
Pat Troester-a folk-rock musician of the State College area currently working on a full-length album
A Day Without Love-an acoustic indie band from Glenside, PA
Matt Whittle-a folk-pop artists known for his band Matthew and the Judes from Bucks County, PA

and finally…

Koji-a solo acoustic musician signed to Run For Cover Records with his first full-length to be released soon. He’s a native Pennsylvanian, hailing from Harrisburg, but he has already made a name for himself outside the state, working on a tour covering the northeast United States.

This show will prove to be a stepping stone in the revival of house shows (like Super Mash Bros playing a frat) and will be a great night for both musicians and fans alike.

One of the organizers for the event, Drew Magid of Asylum, said “come out to support independent music in a cool environment; it’s different than the usual concert venues and it’s something I’d like to see more of in the State College area.”

Well, Drew, take one step at a time and maybe music lovers like you can revive the underground scene.

For further information visit the event page on Facebook.

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