Day: October 6, 2010

It’s Time For Basketball Season!

Penn State fans, I have a problem with you. We are known nationally as a big time football school with the best student section in the country, which is great. Listen, I like PSU football as much as the next guy and that student section is awesome, but I'm a basketball fan at heart, and I think Talor Battle and the basketball boys are getting ripped off. I have had men's season tickets the last two years and here are my ten reasons why I think you should join me.

How To Utilize Onward State’s Community Section

A month ago, Onward State debuted the Community section as part of an effort to make our website a platform for readers to voice their opinions, share interesting stories, promote community events, or write about anything in the Penn State community that interested them. We’ve already had a great response, but we're missing one important element: you.

Run for the Financial Hills

The fiscal situation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and municipalities within is incredibly precarious and bound to only get worse. In yesterday's New York Times Business Section, the abominable fiscal situation of the City of Harrisburg was featured as a clear example of what might and will happen to other local governments. Harrisburg basically defaulted on its most recent bond payment last month, being bailed out by the Governor and the State at the last minute.

Statetoberfest to Rage State?

The second the cold weather set in, there was one thing on the mind of the Penn State sophomore known as Mark Andrew: it's time to drink. But apparently he's not the only person with that on their mind. A phenomenon of word of mouth and Facebook are the root of the newest State College drinking holiday.

Get to Know this Year’s Homecoming Court

While the polls have been open for a few days already, there’s still plenty of time left to vote for the 2010  Homecoming King and Queen. Get to know the candidates!

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