Statetoberfest to Rage State?

The second the cold weather set in, there was one thing on the mind of the Penn State sophomore known as Mark Andrew: it’s time to drink. But apparently he’s not the only person with that on their mind. A phenomenon of word of mouth and Facebook are the root of the newest State College drinking holiday.

Andrew, the creator of “Statetoberfest” on Facebook, is trying to create a new State College wide holiday similar to the drunken shit-show people call “State Patty’s Day.” But we’ve seen this same attempt at State fame to create more obnoxious drinking holidays before. Remember last year’s failed try of Cinco De State? How about the ever-epic failure known as Vladentines Day?

“People, we go to THE Penn State University. Yeah, we have State Patty’s Day and Arts Fest, but who wants to wait until the second semester, let alone summer, to do something on such a grand scale? Let’s bring it to FOOTBALL SEASON! Oktoberfest only brings the best of Europe together….i think State can handle it. Let us honor a German Tradition in State College. SO grab your Steins, your overalls, and your attempts at a German …accent; it is time to RAGE!,” the Facebook event page reads.

As cocky as he is to compare the German Oktoberfest to anything State College can provide (and despite his incessant belief in unnecessary caps), he does have one point. Besides home football games, there isn’t much for holidays in the fall semester besides Halloween. And even though Halloween is close, it’s still not dedicated to the love of State.

“We can get this tradition started every year. Something like The Arts Festival, to bring downtown together. Two weeks before Halloween weekend. Another EPIC Penn State Holiday is in the making, do not miss out!”

With over 5,000 fans already attending, the event has begun to pick up some attention from students. It’s only a matter of time before residents are up in arms over another planned drinking holiday.

“I expected it to catch on with my friends but never something on this scale so quickly. Its surreal,” Andrew said via Facebook message correspondence.

The most ironic part about the planned holiday by Mark Andrew? The fact that the sophomore, let me repeat, the sophomore, is clearly underage, yet is aiming at making another drinking-related holiday.

“Ideally I would like to see everyone enjoy the holiday with their friends. have a good time and foster school spirit all while acting responsibly and looking out for each other,” Andrew said.

Nowhere in the Facebook event post does it mention the word drink, or actually have any incriminating phrases, but the relation to Oktoberfest is present. Oktoberfest, a holiday in which drinking in the streets in encouraged would never become a social norm here in State College.

And for those that still think this is just another drinking holiday, Andrew has this to say: “People can think what they want. I just want people to have fun and have another reason to be proud of where they go to school.”

So what do you think about this holiday? We are all itching for an excuse to day drink our weekends away. Maybe Statetoberfest will sink like a stone like every other made up holiday, or maybe this will stick (not bloody likely!).

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