BWS Float Proves It’s a Small World After All

The Blue & White Society’s float is so big, it encompasses the world.

Or, at least, the theme does.

The Blue & White Society’s theme for their float this year is “PSU Around the World” and the float itself contains iconic global architecture, including a pyramid of Giza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Empire State Building.

“Since we are the student branch of the Alumni Association, we wanted to incorporate something for alumni around the world,” Bailey Reeves, Blue & White Society’s director of activities, said.

Scaling things down and making things fit has been the biggest challenge, she added.

“We wanted to put earth on the back but it didn’t fit.”

The weather has also been uncooperative. “The rain didn’t help,” Reeves said with a laugh.

The task seemed pretty daunting at first because although most of their homecoming committee has had experience building floats in the past, no one had helped plan one before. Although she was very nervous going into it, Reeves said she became confident after seeing the way Gia Motyl and Melissa Duck, the organization’s homecoming chairs, stepped up.

To complete a project of such proportions, the group started out with the simplest structures to recreate, such as the Leaning Tower and the Great Wall. Then they moved on to more complicated ones, like the Eiffel Tower. It seems that taking on such a big idea was no small task.

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