UPUA More Accessible Than Ever

The University Park Undergraduate Association now has a redesigned website and a new domain name, www.pennstateupua.com.

The new site’s homepage includes a welcome message from the president, Christian Ragland, as well as links to a variety of different sources of UPUA information, including meeting minutes, attendance and voting records, governing documents and legislation.

The site also allows users to explore the three branches of UPUA government to learn how each of the branches operates.

The addition of details of the inner-workings of the UPUA, as well as the readily available links to documents and legislation that the assembly is working on, makes the new site a giant leap forward in the push for transparency within Penn State’s student government. During last year’s elections, accountability and transparency became frequent topics of debate between candidates Christian Ragland and David Adewumi. Now with the increased transparency that this site design offers, it will be interesting to see if the students and university officials can follow through on holding student government officials more accountable for their actions.

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