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Day: October 13, 2010

“Ghost-Out” Attempts to Raise Students’ Spirits

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that the Michigan game has landed on the night before Halloween. You may have already discussed the possibility of wearing your costume to the game with your friends. You probably also know that it is this year's (unofficial) whiteout.

None of these facts have eluded Will Cooper, Caroline Zielinski or Justin Russikoff. In fact, these students have decided to creatively combine these ideas into what they call a "Ghost-Out."

Administration Hosts Roundtable With Student Leadership

Student leaders from various high-profile campus organizations are set to meet with University Administrators this morning at the Nittany Lion Inn to discuss the University's fundraising activities, budgeting and tuition setting, according to an email obtained by Onward State sent yesterday morning by Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims.

Women’s Soccer Rights the Ship Away From Home

Thanks to a couple of fantastic efforts from goalkeeper Krissy Tribbett, the Nittany Lions' women's soccer team was able to get their season back on track with wins over Northwestern and Iowa over the weekend.

International Suit Up Day 2010, Why Not?

Who doesn't look good in a suit? I'm glad you asked. Here's the answer: no one. That's why today fans of the hit television show How I Met Your Mother are officially celebrating International Suit Up Day.

Reader-Submitted Post

Prof. to Join Symposium on Democratic Discourse

J. Michael Hogan, Liberal Arts Research Professor of Communications Arts and Sciences at Penn State and Co-Director for the Center for Democratic Deliberation has been appointed to the Steering Team for a major national symposium on civility and democratic discourse.

10 Questions With Men’s Soccer Coach Bob Warming

The Penn State men's soccer team has had a strong season so far and they face top-ranked Akron tonight at 7. Bob Warming is Penn State's new coach, joining the team in its 100th season of soccer after Barry Gorman resigned last spring. I sat down with Warming to discuss his first year at Penn State and to see what he thinks about the season so far.

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