Horror Author to Hold Book Signing

Horror Author to Hold Book Signing

Horror Author to Hold Book SigningHorror author Jonathan Weyer will be having a book signing to promote his new book, The Faithful, at the Penn State Bookstore tomorrow afternoon from 3 to 4:30.

Weyer, who is also a Presbyterian minister with Ohio State’s campus ministry and the founder of The Thomas Society, said his new book actually combines elements from several genres.

The story of The Faithful follows young pastor Aidan Schaeffer, who is at a crossroads in his faith in God. In the midst of his doubt and depression, his ex-fiancé is found murdered and, to top it all off, he finds himself being haunted in a series of strange experiences. His investigation leads him into the supernatural as he becomes the only person who can solve the mystery.

Because of some of the religious aspects in the book, Weyer’s work has been placed in the emerging category of “Christian Horror.” But Weyer says he pays little attention to labels.

“People like to label it because it’s convenient,” he said. “I don’t mind the label, but it does have sort of a cultural connotation to it that I’m not entirely comfortable with.”

He believes his work follows the same lines as one of his biggest literary influences, Stephen King.

One of his reasons for stopping in State College is that his good friend, Steve Lutz, is helping organize the Faith for Thought conference with Calvary Baptist Church and asked Weyer to speak there on Saturday. This is also one of the stops on a book signing tour that is taking him to college campuses around the country. He’ll be at William and Mary College and Georgetown during Halloween weekend.

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