Passion Pit Keeps Electro-Pop Alive At BJC

Passion Pit @ BJC

Passion Pit @ BJCFriday was more than just the best night of the weekend, but also an autumn kick-off as the weather chilled and Fall began to take form. By the time some student’s classes were ending, the White Loop was full of belligerent students, who had pre-gamed the heck out of the nights event at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Chants of “Passion Pit” and “B-J-C” erupted before the bus even hit University Drive, just in case the bus driver was unaware as to where everyone wanted to go.

The night began with some rap courtesy of K.Flay and a heavy dose of blues and funk from Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears. Joe Lewis and his seven-piece band were the perfect start to the Campus Consciousness Tour. Obviously inspired by James Brown, the Texas-based band played for almost an hour.

By the time 10 rolled around, Passion Pit fans were ready to get their groove on and dance the night away. And that is exactly what happened.

When Passion Pit finally took the stage along with five synthesizers and a slew of strobe lights, the sold-out general admission crowd and those in the seats knew they were in for one hell of a dance party.

Passion Pit took an interesting approach, opening with a slow song to get the feel of the crowd. But this only lasted two and half minutes as the band broke into their electronic pop songs like “Little Secrets,” “Moth Wings” and “Make Light.”

The entire crowd in the BJC was on its feet, dancing with each other both on the floor and in the seats. But those who didn’t get to dance on the floor were definitely missing out as the lead singer said “wish you were here,” in reference to the minor rave going on right in front of him.

Glowsticks flew through the air as a few individuals attempted to crowdsurf but more than anything people just wanted to dance. As the show came to a close,  the sweat-covered audience was reaching its peak. But they all knew an encore was coming.

The encore consisted of the best Passion Pit tracks, in my opinion. “To Kingdom Come” blew the audience away with echoes of “Na na na nana na na” bouncing off the walls. Then, of course, Passion Pit closed with their most popular song, “Sleepyhead.”

The night, which was filled with as much raw sexual energy that a band called Passion Pit can muster, was an amazing presentation from the BJC and those involved. Passion Pit, no strangers to Penn State as they donned their jerseys, are welcome back here anytime.

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