Statetober Fest, New Drinking Holiday, Canceled

You may have seen the newly-created Statetoberfest holiday was canceled almost as soon as it was created. The Penn State take on the German Oktoberfest was created by sophomore “Mark Andrew” (his Facebook name) when he realized there wasn’t a holiday to excuse excessive drinking and school pride (besides home football games, homecoming, Halloween, or weekends). The Facebook event quickly caught on and soon more than 5,000 were attending.

But, the creator canceled the holiday last week. Why? Before deleting the event page, Mark Andrew said it was because someone had put his name on a website for the very Statetoberfest holiday he created and didn’t want the eternally bad Google karma following him around (smart move).

So who created the site if it wasn’t the person that created the holiday? That, ladies and gentlemen, would be internet entrepreneur Chase Miller. The Penn State junior flips domain names, and after seeing the popularity of Statetoberfest on Facebook decided to buy the Statetoberfest domain name and hold on to it for when the holiday became the next State Patty’s Day. In world of domain names, mo’ traffic equals mo’ money, so Miller created a Facebook Fan page and linked it to the emerging drinking-game product Dizzy Bats.

Now, even Miller admits the future looks grim for Statetoberfest. The entrepreneur also says that he only wanted to give credit where credit was due by mentioning Mark Andrew and immediately withdrew his name from the website when asked. The end result: This weekend was just a normal weekend in State College—no lederhosen or beer steins involved.

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