2011 Homecoming Starts Now

After a successful Homecoming 2010, which thankfully did not include snow, Homecoming 2011 started yesterday with the announcement of the new Executive Director. Leah Matusow will lead the next Executive Committee through the year-long process of planning one of Penn State’s proudest traditions.

Out of a pool of five applicants, Matusow was selected based on “her personal skills, Homecoming vision for the future, and leadership positions in other organizations,” according to 2010 Executive Director Matthew Peyton. Each applicant was interviewed by the current Executive Director and Homecoming’s two faculty advisors. The three then made the decision together.

Matusow’s decision to apply for the position came at the conclusion of this year’s Homecoming, after reflecting on her favorite moments from past Homecomings and realizing she still had so much more to give.

One of her shining memories from this past year was standing with the Executive Committee during the parade and listening to Matthew Peyton speak about the accomplishments they had made.

“It was at this moment that I looked around the circle at everyone and felt honored to be a part of this committee. It was awesome to think about the work we had done and how it had all come together to make one of the most successful Homecomings at Penn State,” said Matusow.

Her previous involvements include serving as the Homecoming 2010 Corporate Relations Director, a committee which helps secure supplies donated from different companies, and walking in the parade with her organization. Outside of Homecoming, Leah is involved in Women’s Club Basketball, Students Engaging Students, and has been involved in THON, most recently as a 2010 Donor Relations Captain.

“My vision for Homecoming 2011 is to make people aware that Homecoming is year-round and not just one week of events,” says Matusow, anticipating an increase in involvement within the Penn State and State College communities. Both Matusow and Peyton commented on the positive steps Homecoming 2010 made, with hopes that next year continues to grow.

Applications for the 2011 Director positions will be available online on Friday, Nov. 5.

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