Penn State Halts Shot Glass Licensing

Finally coming to the realization that a University working to cut down on dangerous drinking should probably not be profiting from drinking paraphernalia, Penn State recently announced that it will no longer license shot glasses that say “Penn State” or have any University logos.

According to the story, University spokeswoman Lisa Powers said, “The continued problems related to excessive drinking played a role in the decision.”

Though Penn State has stopped licensing shot glasses, Powers pointed out that this decision does not mean that all Penn State shot glasses on the shelf will disappear, merely that no new ones will be produced.

While the decision currently only applies to shot glasses, it is conceivable that, because dangerous drinking doesn’t always need liquor, we may be seeing more licensing halts in the future.

Head down to McLanahan’s and stock up on your Penn State pride while supplies last. If you don’t, you may be stuck pounding shots out of … gasp! a non-Penn State shot glass.

On a side note, my favorite item of Penn State drinking paraphernalia is the beer coozie that looks like a football jersey. It’s just so cute.

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