17th Annual Blood Drive Starts Today

The best way to gorge on turkey and stuffing and other Thanksgiving goodies is to get rid of all of that excess blood. Good thing, then, that the Penn State Student Red Cross Club starts the Penn State – Michigan State Blood Donor Challenge today.

We have three weeks to donate more blood than Michigan State. We’ve won the competition for the last four years in a row, so now is not the time to be afraid of needles. I’m even going to donate for the first time, so everyone else better be there. This year’s motto is “Saving Lives, Beating Spartans.”

The Alpha Epsilon Delta Blood Cup will be going on at the same time, which challenges all organizations and clubs. Large groups (50+ members), small groups (less than 50) and Greek organizations can compete. Any successful donor (if you pass out before they draw blood, that doesn’t count) can sign the blood cup book for his or her club. The winning club or organization gets the cup and bragging rights.

Still not good enough to make you want to donate? Each donor also gets free pizza and a free t-shirt. There are also big prizes that you can win.

This handy little calendar shows you where to donate and at what time. Get out your planners, folks. It’s the 17th Annual blood drive. You have 18 days to contribute to the fifth year consecutive win.

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