This Thursday, November 18 at 3 p.m. in room 114 of the Theatre Building, there will be a workshop called OUT AND ABOUT OUT. This is a collection of short plays and poems performed by the Diverse Culture Class of the School of Theatre. They are written about the lives of LGBTQA people in the Penn State Community.

Last year, the Office of the LBGTQA published a book called OUT AND ABOUT OUT. The plays and poems that will be read are based on the stories from this book.  The students involved did research, attended lectures and even interviewed members of the LGBTQA community.

The Diverse Culture Workshop uses theatre as a medium to educate the community about societal issues concerning diversity. This year alone they talked about survivors of Hurricane Katrina and plan to present a play that focuses about the excessive amounts of drinking and alcohol abuse here at Penn State.

If you are any part of the acronym LBGTQA, or just like free admission performances, come on Thursday for a life-altering experience.

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