The Dear Hunter Frontman Plays Live Set, Tells Almost No One

For many, secret shows are only a rumored idea from movies and gossip websites.

Are there really artists that are so popular and overwhelmed that they would rather play an apartment rather than a concert hall? Apparently, yes.

Monday night, Casey Crescenzo, formerly of The Receiving End of Sirens and currently of the Dear Hunter, performed a secret apartment show exclusive to an invite-only group. The show was held downtown at the Graduate on the corner of Beaver and Atherton.

Those in attendance were graciously attentive, with some cuddling on the couch and others munching on the cookie cake in the corner, while everyone was listening to the stories of Crescenzo’s touring past peppered with favorite songs from the audience.

Playing everything from “Mustard Gas” to “Red Hands,” the secret show provided for a rare, intimate performance that seemed almost more like a visit from a long-lost friend rather than the lead singer of a popular band. Crescenzo talked about his weirdest moments touring, his inspirations and influences and even his views on the “Arrested Development” movie (he says it’s happening).

As this was the last stop of the secret shows Crescenzo was performing, he even gave the crowd a special a Capella version of “B. Linus” with a drum box.

A special thanks goes to those who organized the event, as well as Crescenzo for taking the time out of recording and touring to provide some of his biggest fans with these memorable performances.

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