HazOps Game Looks For Participants

Update 4:08 pm: HazOps.org and the psu.edu cross-hosting are both currently unaccessible. We will update this post when they are back online. Maybe they got OnwardStated?

Looking for a new game addition to add to your iPhone collection? IST assistant professor Will McGill might have you covered.

Professor McGill has created an iPhone game called HazOps, which aims to make the community a safer place by asking players to point out potential hazards they see in public. “Researchers at IST are seeking a talented team of “Hazard Operatives” charged with locating, reporting, verifying, and evaluating hazards on campus and the surrounding areas.”

You might be asking, what do I get out of this? Contestants have the opportunity to win one of two $25 Visa gift cards every day. One gift card winner is determined randomly based on the day’s participants, the other card is awarded based on points. The more points you have, the better your chances of winning are. To get more points, you identify and evaluate hazards, points will be awarded based on the quality of the report.

If this sounds like it’s right up your alley, head over to HazOps.org to check out the game. Seriously though, making the community safer and winning prizes? What’s not to like?

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