Penn State THON Releases 2010 Fundraising Data

This afternoon, the Penn State IFC-Panhellenic Dance Marathon, known to all as THON, released its summary of fundraising efforts for the fiscal year that began on July 1, 2009 and ended on June 30, 2010.

Over that period, THON raised $8,059,290.53 from its four core fundraising categories: individual gifts, corporate gifts, THON store revenue, and fundraising events.

Here’s the breakdown of each of the category’s contribution to THON’s total gift income:

  • Individual gifts made up $6,625,030.44, or 82.20%, of total gift income.
  • Corporate gifts made up $834,441.07, or 10.35%, of total gift income.
  • The THON store generated $440,482.40, or 5.47% of total gift income.
  • Fundraising events generated $159,336.62, or 1.98% of total gift income.

The Four Diamonds Fund was given $7,447,671.33, or 92.41%, of THON’s total gift income. THON noted in its press release that according to the American Institue of Philanthropy, “most highly efficient philanthropies donate 75 percent of their revenue directly to their beneficiary.”

THON’s expenses totaled $572,225.68, or 7.1% of THON’s total gift income (not including the $39,393.52 retained in THON’s account).

Here’s the breakdown of THON’s expenses:

  • $269,685.02 on THON store inventory.
  • $175,009.74 on event management.
  • $93,608 for development, including printed THON informational material, direct mailing campaigns, and donor stewardship initiatives.
  • $33,921.98 for operations and other administrative expenses, including postage, office equipment, and space usage.

As of June 30, 2010, THON had $111,750.77 in its account.

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