Kevin Newsome Enters Hip-Hop Scene as NewNew

Chill Kid Cudi fans, not “Dat New New.” We’re talking about Penn State’s back-up quarterback, Kevin Newsome. As if being on the football team doesn’t get him enough women, NewNew, as he is called on the streets of State College, has made his debut into the Hip-Hop scene on ReverbNation.

He took to Twitter last week to announce the release of his new song. It’s called “Fire In My Eyes” and features a looped sample from Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” With catchy verses over a bass-heavy beat, NewNew may have just made the 2011 locker room playlist. The synthesized trumpet even sounds so well-produced that you’d swear they mic’ed the Blue Band.

Despite Newsome’s budding rap career, he isn’t a new-comer to music. According to his Penn State athlete bio, he is the Liberace of the team. Well, maybe a cooler pianist like Jerry Lee Lewis. Newsome loves to show off his musical talent on the black and white keys, even boasting his piano skills on the track “Set You Apart.”

With almost 4,000 plays and his popularity on campus, could NewNew be the next college rap star? Maybe Penn State’s Asher Roth? We’ll have to see if Newsome leaves behind his No. 12 on the field for a No. 1 on the charts.

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