My Ideal Movin’ On Lineup

Even though the Movin’ On website was finally updated with (hopefully) current contact information, no one answered my email asking them for a status update of any sort. I’ve been following @psumovin on too, but they aren’t tweeting that frequently. Let’s pretend they are too busy working on the concert.

We probably won’t find out who Movin’ On (read as: the student body) is dropping six-figures on until later this spring, but the organizers have been soliciting student input through Google Forms. In my informed opinion though, there’s no way the statistics they’ve gotten represent the general student body’s views.

This weekend, survey #2 was issued on the events site asking students to make multiple decisions between different musicians. Some categories are filled with good acts (see the category with Black Keys, Vampire Weekend) and others are filled with absolute shit (Trisha Yearwood, etc.).

Since we have no lineup announcement for this year, and no great way to know what Movin’ On is doing with that survey data, I’d like to offer my  ideal lineup. Keep in mind some of these artists are listed on the newer survey, so they should fit perfectly into the line-up.

Headliner: Something collegiate, yet intelligent like MGMT, The Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, or Death Cab for Cutie

Co-headliner: Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, or maybe even Freed Weezy.

Openers: Given that there are several acts through the day:

  • Sleigh Bells: classy synth-rock to get the party started
  • Man Overboard: a little pop-punk to for the circle-pit crowd
  • Avett Brothers: some folk rock for the stoners
  • Matt & Kim: yes, they played last year, but with their new album, it’s a whole new groove
  • Gaslight Anthem: some pure rock for the Springsteen fans

Who do you want to see play this year’s Movin’ On?

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