Bar Tour App Quenches Thirst

Some students have already caught the sweeping trend, but for others that haven’t, the PSU Bar Tour App is here! Those unfamiliar with the app should know that it is a complete list of every bar and their specials for the night, including the bands and happy hour times.

For many students, this is a lifesaver. I mean, who doesn’t love a complete list of bars in the palm of their hands?

The app also include a unique GPS function to locate the bars near you as well as specific dates of specials. Week summaries are also available on the app.

Creator, James Cichra said, “When I was a student, something to consolidate the PSU bar specials was something that I always wanted. After I left, I figured I could make that happen for everyone still in there and in the future.”

Cichra is a 2010 graduate in computer science currently working for IBM. So, he obviously knows his shit when it comes to programming (not to mention the Penn State drinking culture).

According to Cichra, a large update is coming for the Android version app (which is currently in beta) and will be released as “PSU Bar Tour.” The iPhone update for the app will come later in February.

So, if you haven’t already downloaded the app instead of finishing the article, go ahead! What are you waiting for!?

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