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Day: January 25, 2011

Reader-Submitted Post

On the Cutting of STS

If IST (rightfully) prepares its students to push forward the development of our technology, STS provides its students with the capacity to see what direction we ought to push next. STS informs its students, those poised to create and implement our next technologies, with history, ethics, and a much broader scope of inquiry which is otherwise unavailable. The loss of STS at Penn State will open up a tremendous void to be filled with the depth of analysis, the subtlety, and the quality it has provided.

Movin’ On: They’re Doing Work, Son

With a little pushing and lots of comments on my ideal Movin' On lineup, the ball seems to be rolling a little faster. Movin' On's third survey was released yesterday, trimming many of the artists who had been on the the previous survey.

This time students rate the artists individually from a scale of 1 to 5. A few of my ideas (and many of yours) made it into this list of potential artists.

Reader-Submitted Post

Penn State Basketball: Create the Magic at the BJC

Help Nittany Nation accomplish our goal to truly contribute to the final run of the Big Ten season by fulfilling our role as a student section to the absolute fullest extent. Help us create a home court advantage to show our team that we're on board and BELIEVE in this season's magic. 1 team. 1 nation. 1 mission. We Will NOT Be Denied.

Reader-Submitted Post

IFC Philanthropies: Sigma Nu Hosts Grilled Cheese for Cheese

This Wednesday – from noon until 7 p.m. – the Delta Delta Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity will host Grilled Cheese for Cheese. For $8, you can have all-you-can-eat tomato soup and grilled cheese – or simply pay $2 for soup and $2 for a grilled cheese. The money raised will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Synthetic Meth Hazardous, Should be Illegal in U.S.

If you have an odd feeling that spiders have burrowed under your skin or that the FBI has wire-tapped your dorm room, you may be one of the many to discovered the legal high, bath salt. Described by some as synthesized meth, should this newest fix in the recreational drug scene be taken off of the market? Or do the people of this country have the right to stay up for days and scratch holes in their necks?

Bar Tour App Quenches Thirst

Some students have already caught the sweeping trend, but for others that haven't, the PSU Bar Tour App is here! Those unfamiliar with the app should know that it is a complete list of every bar and their specials for the night, including the bands and happy hour times. For many students, this is a lifesaver. I mean, who doesn't love a complete list of bars in the palm of their hands? The app also include a unique GPS function to locate the bars near you as well as specific dates of specials. Week summaries are also available on the app.

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