SCAR Rolls with Valentine’s Theme for First Scrimmage

Looking for something unique to kick off your Valentine’s Day celebration early? Then you might be interested in the State College Area Rollers Valentine’s Day Massacre.

SCAR is State College’s new Roller Derby circuit. You know, that sport that features babes on skates beating the shit out of each other in an attempt to get their team’s jammer to the front of the pack. The Valentine’s Day Massacre will be SCAR’s first scrimmage, featuring a bout between Hoover’s Honeys and the Machine-gun Kellys.

The event will take place 6 p.m. on Sunday at Penn Skates, which is located here, by the University Park Airport. Tickets are available at Penn Skates and cost $8 for ages 10 and up (kids get in for free). And SCAR asks that those attending bring a chair.

According to Kristen Smeal, head of SCAR publicity, the event will also involve several other features, including:

  • a 20 minute intermission featuring live music and a chance to meet the players and refs
  • Roller Derby 101, a short demonstration by players and refs highlighting the role of each position, how points are scored, and the rules of the game
  • a silent auction of donated merchandise, including gift certificates, jewelry, and a signed, matted, and framed bout poster, among other things, to raise money for the team

Smeal said Roller Derby is making a comeback nationally, thanks in part to movies like Whip It and Hell on Wheels, and the A&E television series Rollergirls. She added that another major draw is that it’s a sport that empowers women.

So the ladies will enjoy it for its female empowerment. And we know that girls and violent sports are things guys can all get behind. Those two factors, combined with the Valentine’s theme and the extra goodies at the event, scream fun and unique Valentine’s experience to all the love-bugs out there.

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